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FAQ for Students

How do I reserve an apartment?

We are so glad you are ready to call Red Road Commons your new home! Reservations can be made online 24 hours a day or in our offices during regular business hours. Apartments are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve an apartment, you must submit an application for all roommates, pay an application fee for all applicants, and remit an application deposit.

Step 1 – Select the floorplan you are interested in that is labeled with “Student”

Step 2 – You will be prompted to register an account. You will then complete the ID Verification process & fill out basic information. Only a current US ID or Driver’s License or Passport will be accepted for ID Verification.

Step 3 – Complete Required Application Forms and Residency Eligibility Documents

Roommate Submission Requirements
Email the required forms to all roommates or have them click on the FORMS link. Gather the completed and signed forms and any supporting documentation from each roommate and Guarantor (if applicable) so that all documentation for the Application Package can be returned in one email. Roommates WILL NOT be added after the screening process is complete.

  1. EACH Applicant will need to complete and sign the Qualifying Criteria and Application
  1. EACH applicant without a Social Security Number will need to complete and sign the Qualifying Criteria, Application, and Supplemental Application for Non-US Citizen

  2. EACH applicant without a Social Security Number will also need to provide one of the required forms below, (full detail on the Supplemental Application for Non – US Citizen) and any supporting documentation
    1. Form I-551 Permanent Resident Card (Alien Registration Receipt Card) (form includes photo and fingerprint)
    2. Form I-766 Employment Authorization Document (form includes photo and fingerprint)
    3. Form I94 Global Entry Form (form does not include photo or fingerprint. If you are relying on Form I-94, we will ask to see your passport and visa, and you will need to answer additional questions.
    4. USCIS receipt for replacement of one of the above documents, with verification by USCIS of your entitlement to the above

Step 4 – Provide Income Documents for all Applicants and Guarantor, if applicable. Combined income must equal at least 3X the monthly rent, Guarantor must equal at least 5X the monthly rent

Income Documentation Requirements
  1. Must be converted to English
  2. Must reflect the name of the person that will be residing in the apartment or the name of the Guarantor, if applicable
  3. Must have an official stamp certification if a bank document
Accepted Income Documentation
  1. W2
  2. Bank Statement (International bank statements accepted). Balance needs to equal that of your lease term
  3. Offer Letter – Must include HR information
  4. Financial Aid (Housing portion only)
  5. Proof of income must be within the last 90 days
  6. A combination of income for all applicants must equal at least 3x the monthly rent.

Step 5 – Submitting Application Package
  1. Only one Application Package will be accepted for a apartment and it must include all of the required forms and supporting documentation for each Roommate and Guarantor (if applicable) and emailed to redroad-w@m.knck.io
    1. For each applicant/roommate – Application, Qualifying Criteria, Income Backup. If the applicant does not have a Social Security Number, they will also need to include Supplemental Application for Non-U.S. Citizen and any supplemental documents required for residency.
    2. If there is a Guarantor, the Lease Contract Guaranty (application portion only), Qualifying Criteria, and income backup for Guarantor must also be submitted
  2. When the Application Package is received by management:
    1. The primary applicant will be contacted and required to go online and pay the application fee(s) for all applicants and Guarantor, if applicable
    2. Each applicant and Guarantor (if applicable) will receive a link to verify their ID, which must be a US ID or Passport
  1. Once management has verified all of the required documents and application fees have been paid, the primary applicant will be contacted with the approval status
  2. At this time your apartment will be assigned and the Lease Contract Guaranty including the lease dates, rental amount, etc. will be emailed to the Guarantor to sign
  3. Within 48 hours of your approval, the following must be received or your application will be cancelled:
    1. Required security deposit or Rhino deposit alternative policy (requires monthly fee paid to 3rd party, contact the office for details)
    2. If applicable, the completed Lease Contract Guaranty including the lease dates, rental amount, etc. signed by Guarantor
CLICK HERE FOR FORMS including; Application (1 per person including guarantor), Supplemental Application for Non-U.S. Citizen (only for applicants without a Social Security Number, not for Guarantor), Qualifying Criteria (1 per person including Guarantors), Lease Contract Guaranty (application portion only).


How do I know which apartment I will get in the building?

When you apply for our student apartments, a leasing representative will discuss with you location preferences and other information about the apartment you desire.

We place people into apartments using the preferences provided, with consideration to how early you rented your apartment. For example, if two applicants want to be on the second floor and there is only one apartment available on the second floor, the applicant who rented first will get the second floor. The other applicant will get the closest location to what they want. We try to accommodate everyone’s requests as best as possible, but we are not always able to honor all of your requests. Remember, the earlier you rent, the better chance you will have of getting your preferences. We will notify each resident of their apartment assignment by early summer.

What is the security deposit?

The security deposit is a monetary amount that is held with the apartment until after the end of your residency to ensure that you fulfill your lease obligations. This deposit is NOT USED TOWARDS RENT. It is refundable within 30 days of the end of your residency, minus any damages or unpaid balances.

Is a guarantor required?

A guarantor may be required if the applicant does not meet the income requirements for their selected apartment. The purpose of a guarantor is to guarantee your payment and adherence to the contract you sign.

Guarantors MUST live in the United States, provide their social security number and photo ID to be screened, and meet all other requirements outlined in the Prospect Qualifying Criteria. The Lease Contract Guaranty must be signed before moving in.

What is joint liability?

Joint liability leases bind you to your roommates for the full amount of the monthly rent and any other balances due, including any final charges such as cleaning, damages, final utilities, etc. when processing your Move-Out Statement. Among you and your roommates, you may split the rent as you see fit, but it must all be paid by the due date. Each roommate may have their own online account from which to pay rent. Rent payments by check or money order are also accepted in our office.

What about security deposit returns?

When you move in, we will give you an Inventory and Condition Form. It is very important to note the condition of your apartment at this time. This form will be compared to the condition of your apartment when you move out. We will also give you details on exactly what we expect of your apartment when you move out. If you follow these instructions, you should have no problems receiving a fair refund if all other balances are covered at the time of move out, and proper notice is given.